Our Helpful and Professional Staff

Sober Coaches, Sober Escorts and Sober Companions

Our Professional Staff

Our team of experts fill crucial roles in early recovery from active addiction.

The professionals from Sober Champion are discreet, responsible, experienced treatment professionals with one goal in mind: 

helping our clients stay away from drugs and alcohol no matter what. Whether you require occasional sober coaching, a full-time or part-time sober companion, or a Sober Escort (our sober client transportation service), Sober Champion has the personnel and nationwide experience to meet your needs.

Our Sober Coach and Sober Companion practice involves several Case Management styles, including Fiduciary Case Management. These approaches are designed to reinforce the value of living drug-free while avoiding the punitive nature of the legal system and the negative reinforcement models which are used too often.

Meet our Team

Our staff can help you or your loved one get through the early stages or recovery or those having a rough time staying sober.


Douglas Caine


San Francisco native, musician, and recovering addict, Doug has many years of experience in recovery.
His dedication earned him an outstanding reputation in addiction treatment.

Doug moved from homelessness, addiction and incarceration to become a respected professional. To meet Doug by viewing a video of him at work, click here. He began working in residential treatment in 2003, founded Sober Champion in 2005, opened our New York Offices in 2006, Champion International in 2007, and Chicago Sober Champion in 2011. Doug was a featured provider in A&E’s series Relapse: The Sober Coach Chronicles.

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Jessica Rosenthal

Coach / Companion

Native Angeleno Jessica Rosenthal has a long and storied career in addiction and alcoholism treatment. As a long-standing and highly-valued member of the Sober Champion team, she brings years of experience working in the high-end rehab industry; she has helped save lives at both Passages and Promises, both in Malibu. Jessica carries a fierce intelligence and an empathetic heart to every client. For women seeking to become sober, Jessica is our leader; she made her substantive life change at 23. International service is Jessica’s specialty.

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Vincent Pavia

Coach / Companion

Vince Pavia, a Chicago area native, brings over 15 years of personal recovery experience, extensive exposure to discrete and effective addiction treatment, and a successful career as a stage and film actor to his clients. Vince has worked as Sober Coach and Companion for Sober Champion and as an independent provider. He brings every client his wisdom, education, street smarts and immeasurable empathy and understanding.

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Stacy Matulis

Coach / Healer

Chicago native Stacy Matulis, a highly educated and accomplished vocalist, is an ideal resource for men and women seeking non-standard treatments for their obsessive/compulsive behaviors. In addition to Social Work with chronic drug abusers in the Chicago area, Stacey credits her practice and teaching of Kundalini, Anusara, and Ashtanga Yoga with her recovery from binge eating and anorexia. Stacy is uniquely qualified to provide Yoga and Body Healing instruction to our clients.

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Gwenn Williams

Sober Coach

Chicagoan Gwenn Williams entered recovery in 1985. She completed addictions counseling training in 1997, then worked with adults and teens at Grant and Forest hospitals. Before becoming a Chicago Sober Coach, Gwenn also performed as a social worker in an outpatient methadone maintenance program where she developed a thriving family program. Gwenn is passionate about delivering the gift of recovery through our Sober Coaching modality. As a clinician and a recovering addict, Gwenn’s heart – and her incredible skills and life experience – allow her to bring a level of care and empathy rarely seen elsewhere.

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David Behar


New Yorker David Behar, MFT boasts a 20-year career covers psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling, and case management. David began serving members of the recovery community many years ago – in private practice and institutional settings. Dave will call upon a Sober Companion for extra assistance with clients in early recovery. We call upon his wisdom time and time again. David supervises our New York Sober Champion staff.

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