Our Helpful and Professional Staff

Sober Coaches, Sober Escorts and Sober Companions

Our Professional Staff

Our team of experts fill crucial roles in early recovery from active addiction.

The professionals from Sober Champion are discreet, responsible, experienced treatment professionals with one goal in mind: 

helping our clients stay away from drugs and alcohol no matter what. Whether you require occasional sober coaching, a full-time or part-time sober companion, or a Sober Escort (our sober client transportation service), Sober Champion has the personnel and nationwide experience to meet your needs.

Our Sober Coach and Sober Companion practice involves several Case Management styles, including Fiduciary Case Management. These approaches are designed to reinforce the value of living drug-free while avoiding the punitive nature of the legal system and the negative reinforcement models which are used too often.

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Our staff can help you or your loved one get through the early stages or recovery or those having a rough time staying sober.

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