Sober Coaches Fill The Gap in the Recovery Puzzle

Sober Coach Helper
Our Team Can Help

When You or a Loved One will be best served by around-the-clock Support

We make all the difference in the world. Our staff is available for local, national, and international travel. The Companion’s primary duties include:

  • Interventions
    When you just can’t do it alone, bring in the experienced experts.
  • Sober Companionship
    We stay with you 24/7, helping protect your investment in yourself.
  • Sober Escort Service
    Sober Champion performs client transportation across town, across the state and across the county.
  • Sober Coaching
    Do you need some extra help support your recovery.
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Sober coaches and sober companions from Sober Champion are discreet, responsible, experienced treatment professionals with one goal in mind: helping our clients stay away from drugs and alcohol no matter what.

To Contact a Certified coach to see if we can help, call us:

Nationwide: (800) 897-7590

If you would prefer to contact us via private email:

Sober Champion SERVICES

What We Do

A Sober Coach fills the gap between the indigenous recovering community (12-Step meetings, therapists, churches, etc.) and residential treatment facilities.

We provide a level of accountability that the indigenous recovering community cannot be expected to provide…and a connection to the client in their own living environment that treatment programs are simply unable to offer.

We understand the array of barriers that prevent addicts from defining, joining, and remaining in healthy environments. These barriers may be internal to the addict (low motivation or emotional, medical, mental or spiritual problems). There may also be external barriers that prevent addicts from safely meeting their needs related to housing, employment, nutrition, socialization, and transportation.



“Our daughter went to 3 rehab centers for drug use, but she always started drinking and then taking drugs within a few months. We called Sober Champion, they did an intervention, got her detoxed again, they placed Gwenn with her, and she is sober to this day.”

Mary G.
San Anselmo, CA

“Me and my brother always got loaded together. Eventually, it was too much – but we couldn’t take the time out to go to residential treatment. In 2013, Doug and Billy got us started with a week in Santa Monica, then flew back to Denver with us. my brother one of us became a dad.”

Denver, Co
Phillip C

“I went to 12 rehabs and never stayed sober. After the last detox, we hired Doug from Sober Champion. I am back in school with a 3.85, my parents are proud of me, and I have not had a drink or a drug for 18 months. Being clean sure feels better than the life I had been living.”

Phillip C.
Austin, Tx.

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