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Sober Companion
We stay with you 24/7, helping protect your investment in yourself.
Just like a full-time guardian angel...

Sober Coach
When you need some extra help, Sober Champion offers intense sessions designed to support your recovery and accomodate your lifestye...

Austin Sober Coach
Meet a tight unit of homegrown treatment professionals in Texas and discover your potential.

Seattle Sober Coach
Don't try to do this alone; insure your treatment investment with a Sober Coach.

Alternative Sentence
Stay out of jail!
We work with your defense attorney on your behalf...

Not Just Booze and Dope
Addiction reveals itself in all kinds of areas. From gambling to self-injury...

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sober coach - missing piece

What's missing
from your treatment puzzle?

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A Sober Companion may be the missing piece you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

A Sober Coach can provide intense sessions, as often as you need, to explore issues relating to your successful recovery from substance abuse.

A Sober Escort gets you where you need to go - don't zig when you should zag!

If you must avoid drinking, using, gambling, self-injury, or some other obsessive and compulsive behavior, and your case requires round-the-clock assistance, try our Sober Companion services.

If you have been to residential treatment, you've made a substantial investment in yourself. Protect that investment with Sober Champion. Let's help define your goals, identify & help you surmount roadblocks, and become your advocate as you live a life beyond expectations.

Sober Companion

A Sober Companion provides time-intensive service. When the client is best served by around-the-clock attendance, or attendance for a greater number of hours per day, we make all the difference in the world.Our staff is available for local, national, and international travel. The Companion's primary duties include:

Sober Coach

A Sober Coach is a seasoned treatment professional who functions as a guide to those newly sober (or returning after a relapse). The Sober Coach will meet with the client from weekly to several times per week to work on a variety of sobriety-related issues, including (but not limited to) the following:

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