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Formal Counseling

Our founder is Douglas Caine, MA, LAADC. Doug has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2002, and has served a wide variety of family members and addicts. He performs private practice in a small, high-end space designed only to support the continued growth and health of couples, families, and individuals harmed by the effects of substance dependence

  • Each family member has emotional and spiritual reactions to addiction – whether or not he/she uses drugs & alcohol. Families and addicts see themselves as different – but really, there are more similarities than we realize.
  • Addicts and alcoholics described as high-functioning often benefit most from intense individual counseling – but they’re usually offered only “group therapy”. Group therapy is a great practice…but it’s not what everyone needs.
  • Families need warm help to unpack the effects of years of alcohol & drug use have done to them. So much energy is focused on the addict himself…but what about the family’s desperate need for healing? Families are told to practice tough love – but how does a family re-learn to love itself?
  • Any family member or recovering person wishing to go deeper will benefit from an individually constructed, client-centric, humanistic delivery of services.

More often than not, people in recovery have successfully abstained from alcohol & drugs for long periods of time…and yet, issues arise that simply don’t lend themselves to traditional application of the 12-Step modality.

Alcoholics Anonymous treats alcohol dependence – but it’s not supposed to treat Major Depressive Disorder. Cocaine Anonymous treats cocaine dependence – but it’s not supposed to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Narcotics Anonymous treats the disease of addiction without referring to any substance – but it’s not supposed to treat existential dilemmas resulting from stage-of-life transformations.

Every mutual aid fellowship (12 Step, Rational, Sanctuary, etc.) advocates seeking professional help when needed.

A 12 Step sponsor may be qualified to help a recovering man learn “the language of the heart,” so he may communicate more effectively with his wife. Yet that sponsor is not supposed to be a professionally trained, Master’s level counselor with years of proven experience helping recovering people heal their primary romantic or family relationships.

For reasons such as these, and many more, Southern California residents have sought out Douglas Caine’s guidance and counsel for many years.

To arrange a private, clinical session with our founder, please click here: https://douglascaine.com/

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Our Other Services

Industry Services

Discretion and confidentiality are crucial in the Entertainment sector, and the challenges faced by performers, key executives, and key backline professionals.

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Sober Coaching

Sober Coach fills the gap between the indigenous recovering community (12-Step meetings, therapists, churches, etc.) and residential treatment facilities. Giving the addict a solid foundation.

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Family Intervention

Family drug interventions help families stop enabling an addict's behavior, and family interventions bring the addict or alcoholic out of denial by showing ways in which loved ones have been hurt.

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Sober Escort

Sober Champion performs client transportation across town, across the state and across the county. We safely transport clients when they need to get there and stay on the wagon.

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Sober Companion

Simply stated, a Sober Companion delivers completely individualized, interdisciplinary, non-traditional alcoholism or addiction treatment outside of rehabs & detox centers.

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