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Entertainment Industry Services

Discretion and confidentiality are crucial in the Entertainment sector, and the challenges faced by performers, key executives, and key backline professionals are not understood by most providers.

Since 2007, several of our sober coaches have been delivering services to members of the entertainment industry. We’ve worked with platinum recording artists, one Academy Award-winning actor, an Academy-nominated actor, several well-known classical music performers (in LA, New York, and London), along with several C-level executives and well respected set designers, grips, and casting agents.

Is the problem too big for you to handle on your own?

Receive a confidential assessment in just a few hours.

From standard NDA paperwork to adroit support on set, while traveling, and in-home, our Entertainment sector clients have achieved increased amounts of time free of drug & alcohol use, improved reputations in their fields, and increased opportunities to further their careers and avoid some of the pitfalls that regularly inhibit creative people from maintaining success – and enjoying the achievements – they have earned.

Whether your case requires travel, companionship during and/or after performance, or intervening with family, friends, and business connections, a sober companion from Sober Champion is just what the doctor ordered.

Our Other Services

Formal Counseling

Our founder is Douglas Caine, MA, LAADC. Doug has been working in the field of addiction treatment since 2002, and has served a wide variety of family members and addicts.

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Sober Companion

Simply stated, a Sober Companion delivers completely individualized, interdisciplinary, non-traditional alcoholism or addiction treatment outside of rehabs & detox centers.

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Family Intervention

Family drug interventions help families stop enabling an addict's behavior, and family interventions bring the addict or alcoholic out of denial by showing ways in which loved ones have been hurt.

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Sober Escort

Sober Champion performs client transportation across town, across the state and across the county. We safely transport clients when they need to get there and stay on the wagon.

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Sober Coaching

Sober Coach fills the gap between the indigenous recovering community (12-Step meetings, therapists, churches, etc.) and residential treatment facilities. Giving the addict a solid foundation.

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