STAFF: Stacy Matulis

Stacy Matulis, Yoga Teacher
Massage Therapist

"Through the practice of Kundalini, Sausara, Ashtanga Yoga and meditation, I have re-disocvered those places in my heart which I thought had been lost to me forecrer."

I am originally from a small town called Waukegan, IL.
It's a suburb of Chicago where just about everything is pretty normal . . . except for me.

Often, those of us who find ourselves on the path to spritual enlightenment must overcome seeminly insurmountable hurdles before we make what seems like any progress at all.

In my case, I had to contend with body image dyspmorphia. This expressed itself in an addictive eating disorder which almost destroyed my body - and sought to devour my soul.

Since I recovered successfully through practicing the healing arts, I have spent years studying and teaching those who benefit most from the knowledge given to me.

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