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Sober Coach How Do I Get Out Of Here?
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My name is Doug and I was a good kid – I went to school, got decent grades and made friends.

I played music, made some recordings and toured nationwide.

But I continually befriended the wrong people, entered the wrong environments, ended up living that whole, toxic lifestyle.

I tried to get clean on my own more times than I can count – never with lasting success.

Suffering relapse after relapse, I landed in jailhouses up and down the state of California and became a regular in local hospitals and institutions. Homelessness, stealing, hustling, shooting dope in public restrooms… it was one rock bottom after another.

Every time I got loaded, everything got worse - and I couldn't stop myself from getting loaded.

My worst period of active addiction ended like this: quit using; die in prison; or die in the streets. Those were the options. A treatment center willing to bet on a charity case agreed to take me for a year. I got clean, built a reputation and went on to work for that facility.

I started studying and internalizing as a client in residential rehab in 1999. I studied and apprenticed under some outstanding - and generous - teachers. I never stop learning. I began sober coaching and, in 2006, having amassed a robust set of education, experiences, and skills, I founded Sober Champion. Today, we are an international sober coaching and sober companion company offering services on multiple continents.

Everyone needs special treatment; some need more special treatment than others. My favorite book on addiction recovery makes clear two very pertinent ideas: every addict has this disease in different degrees; every addict recovers at different rates.

You no longer need fear that no one understands being caught between wanting to get loaded and wanting to get clean. I get it, and the people I work with get it.

If you are ready to engage the services of a true professional, do yourself a favor and contact me right now.


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