S T A F F: Doug Caine

Sober Coach How Did I Get Here?
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I was a good kid: attended school, got pretty good grades, and had some friends.

I played a lot of music, made some recordings, toured with Red Archibald and The Internationals and had a great time.

Drugs always were part of the scene; I thought if you didn't get loaded (or want to get loaded) there was something wrong with you.

People wanted to help me, but they didn't know how. I continued to get caught up with the wrong people...the wrong environments...the whole toxic lifestyle. I couldn't get out.

I went through Hell, more than once, trying to get clean alone.

I suffered relapse after relapse. I landed in jailhouses up and down the state of California. I became a regular in certain hospitals and institutions.

Eventually, instead of being known as a great bassist & music director, instead of a friend & a mensch, I become one more pitiful story of a Nice Jewish Boy Gone Wrong. Homelessness, stealing, hustling, shooting dope in public restrooms... It was one disgusting bottom after another.

Every time I got loaded again, whether it was drinking, drugging, or both, things got worse for me.

Although I would eventually find recovery and clean up my act in the late 1990's, the only message I was able to hear early on was dogmatic pontification in 12-Step meetings, repeated readings from 12-Step literature, a very "black & white" vision of the the world in general, and of recovery in particular.

My experience is that the world is not "black or white". Then, as now, my recovery was not helped by dramatic, amateur dogmatists.

I kept running in and out of the rooms of recovery until things got so bad for me that it was either quit using, die in prison, or die in the streets. Those were my options. Thankfully, I found a treatment center that was willing to take a charity case. Eventually, I went to work for that facility. What I started learning in treatment and have continued to learn thereafter, I have put into practice.

I have worked in this field since 2003 -- I am an experienced, caring professional.

You no longer have to be afraid that no one out there understands how it feels to be caught between wanting to use and wanting to get clean. I get it, and the people I work with get it. Sober Champion is staffed 100% by people like you and me.

If you are ready to engage the services of a true professional, do yourself a favor and contact me right now.


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