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We stay with you 24/7, helping protect your investment in yourself.
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When you need some extra help, Sober Champion offers intense sessions designed to support your recovery and accomodate your lifestye...

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david behar - sober coach

David M. Behar, MFT

Dave Behar's practice cover psychotherapy, men's issues, substance abuse counseling, and fiduciary case management.

His extensive work in private practice and institutional settings laid the groundwork for a great partnership with Sober Champion.

When Sober Champion expanded into the New York area, David traveled there and now supervises case management for our entire East Coast roster of Sober Companions and Sober Coaches. Click here to contact David M. Behar, MFT.

"My work with addicts and alcoholics has spanned more than 20 years. In my private practice, I have developed a specialty dealing with men's issues.

"Working with a Sober Coach from Sober Champion is the best way to augment my non-traditional approach to therapeutic work with patients."

"I have over 2 decades of therapeutic experience counseling adults and adolescents with drug- and alcohol-related issues. I have come to find that depression, personality disorders, and other mental illnesses often play a huge role in people becoming developing chemical dependency and remaining addicted to drugs and alcohol. It's crucial to differentiate between true addiction and self medication for mental illness. This is not always an easy task.

"I have found that many substance abusers see fantastic results from psychotherapy and/or the right psychotropic medication. I also have clients who truly were addicts, and who required residential detox, treatment, outpatient rehabilitation and lifelong recovery. This requires complete abstinence from mood- and mind-altering substances.

"For the true addict, especially one with co-occuring mental illness, nothing works better than talk therapy, the 12-step community and medication management. There are many issues that overlap with and contribute to addiction including childhood trauma, poorly developed social social skills, and a host of others. My work is to help my clients understand and work through their traumas; my goal is to help my clients re-envision themselves and create their own, new set of goals and dreams."

Visit David Behar's website and learn more about his private practice: click here.

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