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All the attention devoted to celebrity/addict antics puts the public onto the idea that "addiction" is a game played by spoiled brats in a diamond-filled sandbox.

We see a famous (or inafmous) person arrested for drugs or drunk in public and our response has become "Ah well, there they go again. I wonder if we'll see a nipple fall out of a blouse or a little something more as she gets out of the car."

But this is not the response of a civil society; it's the response of Roman plebes as Christians were thrown to the lions.

The humane and appropriate response is revulsion, disgust, and fear ... not a deeper infatuation.

In our inappropriate response to these people, what follows is an inappropriate response treatment of their problem.

And it's that lack of understanding and education that leads people to call what we do "babysitting".

If sober coaching or sober companionship is "babysitting", then rehab is nothing more than nursery school.

By and large, media portray addicts' foibles - but not addiction. And there's the rub.

With our baser instincts keyed on someone's nipple slip, our more noble, human, built-in caring goes by the wayside.

For every drunk/stoned celebrity we see mouthing off to paparazzi or falling out of a dress, there are thousands of people being destroyed - hopeless and powerless to stop themselves. Businesses are ruined; jobs disappear; human beings fall into despair; families torn apart; children traumatized.

That's the truth of addiction: it's a killer and it takes entire communities down with it.

Our treatment model is based on this fact. We know the hopelessness addiction brings; so we help our clients focus on their hopes and dreams and gain success in the one place where they've never had it: at home.

Anyone can stay clean in rehab - they don't hand out booze and dope while you're there. The trouble starts when you return home, because that's where the trouble stayed while you were away.

And really, most treatment professionals know the truth - 28 days or 30 or 60 days is a drop in the bucket when you're talking about someone who has been drinking and drugging for years.

Well over 90% of addicts who return from a 30-day stint in treatment are using again in less than 6 months without an advocate in place to help them zig when they want to zag.

This is why we provide a portable alcholism and addiction treatment for high profile and high net worth individuals. We know such people are not going to go away for 6 to 12 months for treatment (even though that is often what they need). Call on Sober Champion to protect your investment in recovery and in yourself.


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