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An entire family can be lost in the shuffle when so much attention is paid to the drinking, drugging, or gambling family member. While it's true that a Sober Companion might be hired to help the substance abuser address his problem, it's just as true that a we provide invaluable assistance to family members who need help in the same, desperate way.

Whether or not you hire a companion for your addicted family member, you really need to begin looking after your own needs.

You might feel like you're suffering from depression: family members usually feel angry, helpless, sad, hopeless and fearful all at the same time.

Does this sound like depression to you?

Think about it - did you feel this way before the addict started ruing your lives? If not, then you are suffering from the effects addiction, even though you aren't using.

Addiction is a family disease. Hopefully, the addict will seek recovery and become a functioning member of your family again. Until that time, you need help:

  • What are you supposed to do about a using addict still living in your house?
  • How are you managing your anger? Turning it inward? Turning on one another?
  • How do you communicate your wants and needs to each other?
  • What resources are available, right now, to help you?
  • Who can you ask for guidance?
  • Who can you trust?

You need to learn to protect yourselves, and you must begin working toward your own emotional recovery. Members of our Sober Coaching staff have extensive experience working with the family to:

  • Learn about various legal options you have to protect your lives & property.
  • Determine whether and how the addict's wreckage affects you.
  • Use our Resource Guide as a directory to find people in your community who are there to help.
  • Find volunteers and professionals whose sole vocation is to help you heal.
  • Become educated about the disease of addiction, and what to expect from the addict or alcoholic who may or may not still be using.

A Sober Companion is a goldmine for a family in trouble. A recovered person understands the pain that he has inflicted on his own family, he has healed the wounds, and he is a virtual library of resources for the affected family members.

Our Sober Coaches are here to help in any way we can - from telephone consultations with concerned family members to assistance with crisis interventions to Sober Companion follow-up work with addicts & alcoholics, you can rely and depend on Sober Champion.


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