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What an amazing world the addict lives in: Self-Diagnosis, Self-Prescription, and Self-Dispensing drugs.

When a recovering person is out of rehab and finds a new pain or symptom, one of the most dangerous places on Earth is a doctor's office.

This Sober Coaching Forum is neither the time nor place for an anti-drug company/anti-insurance industry diatribe; it suffices to say that doctors are under an inordinate amount of pressure to quickly diagnose your problem, and even more pressure to quickly prescribe some medicine.

When you visit a doctor, whether your pain is physical or emotional, do not doubt you will be offered some medicine.

How do you talk to your doctor about your substance abuse? A Sober Coach can help provide you the language and hands-on assistance.

How do you talk to him or her about your fears of relapse? A Sober Companion can be in the office with you, helping you find the words and the strength to get to the point.

How do you find out exactly what these pills they give will affect you? Both Sober Coaches and Sober Companions from Sober Champion have years of experience with medicine (the good kind and the bad kind). If we don't know exactly what a given drug will do, it is our job to consult with one of our medical specialists to find out.

Every Sober Coach and Sober Companion from Sober Champion has been through the wringer with doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. If it involves a prescription pad or some "sample" medication, we have been there. In prior attempts at recovery, every one of us has experienced a relapse occasioned by a seemingly innocuous visit to a healthcare provider.

We now know, through years of practical experience, exactly how to avoid the traps laid by the disease of addiction.

Your Sober Coach will help you find the language and the willingness to be open and direct with your health care provider. Our clients often use a Sober Companion for their first visits with a doctor or dentist.

Every member of the Sober Champion staff has been through this dilemma. In years past, each of us has begun a relapse in a doctor's office. We know what to say - and how to say it - so the message is clear: we stay clean, no matter what!

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