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People in residential treatment for substance abuse, as well as all those connected through family, friendship or business must be realistic and honest with that person and with themselves.

One of the hallmarks of alcoholics and addicts is the inability and/or unwillingness to be honest - with themselves and with others. A properly operated treatment center can be a fantastic place for newly recovering people to work on their ability and willingness to engage honesty.

Those around (and greatly affected by) alcoholics and addicts need to engage this principal, as well. Some of the toughest times alcoholics and addicts face come after treatment, when they return to life as they knew it. All of a sudden, they start hearing the truth from people who had previously been engaged only in sheltering them from it. During times like these, the presence of Sober Coach can provide not only a steadying influence on the recovering person, but also as a communication facilitator between all the parties.

Treatment is an investment - and it can be a very, very expensive investment. No venture capitalist, no sane businessperson would assume that an investment will just "take care of itself". A Sober Coach or Sober Companion can help protect your investment of time and money in treatment. Completing residential rehab is costly not only in terms of the dollars involved, but also in terms of the personal time, energy, and spirit.

Most people who relapse shortly after leaving inpatient treatment do so because they have no support transitioning back home. A Sober Coach can support you as you find you way in a new and different life.

We can help you figure out what to say to your family, to your old friends, to your employer, employees and business associates. If you are interested, we can help you find a really good 12-step sponsor or look for alternative forms of support. We can help you avoid frustration and isolation.

By all measures, engaging the services of a discreet, professional Sober Coach is a wise investment.


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