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You may not believe that addiction is a disease.

Some folks are convinced that it is not - they believe compulsive drug use really is symptom of other condition(s).

On the other hand, there is mounting evidence to support the the disease concept and effective treatment by residential facilities and 12-Step participation.

Regardless of your belief, there is one technique that has been proving itself for many years as the most effective, post-treatment method to avoid relapse in early recovery: Sober Coaching.

Here's an example...

You live in New York (or Florida, or Alberta, or Quebec, or Nevada, or Pennsylvania, or any other state or province in North America). You fly out to California or Arizona for residential treatment of your addiction and/or alcoholism.

You stay there for the prescribed amount of time. You spend buckets of money obtaining the best medical, psychological, and/or spiritual treatment for your condition.
You will have attended some 12-Step meetings, but only ones close to your treatment center.

Then, you get on a plane and go home.

Now what?

"Now what" is fast becoming the tag line for the field of sober coaches and sober companions.

When you arrive home, your family, friends, associates (and perhaps the local media) will be happy to see you, right? Well... Everyone you know will immediately trust and rely upon you, right? Well... You will intuitively know how to maintain abstinence, thousands of miles away from the controlled environment of a residential treatment center, right? Well...

Here's what we do:

  • Meet you at the airport.

  • Stay with you upon your return home.

  • If you like, we will take you to the best 12-Step meetings in your area.

  • If you prefer, we will go nowhere near a 12-Step meeting with you.

  • We will intercede with family members, business associates, and other interested parties to ensure effective communication - and lay some ground rules on your behalf.

  • They rarely understand where you're coming from. But we do understand, and we have the skills and experience to advocate on your behalf.

  • You need to make a quick trip out of town for work? We'll be there with you, providing you the assistance you deserve to ensure your investment in yourself continues to pay dividends.

  • You don't know how to talk to your doctor or dentist? We do. We will help.
    In short, a Sober Coach is the insurance policy you need to protect the investment you've made in treatment. Protect yourself. Protect your investment. Protect your family and friends from another relapse.

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