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Not every alcohol or drug user ends up in handcuffs - but too many of us do. Not every Sober Coach and Sober Companion who works with us have been handcuffed - but most of us have been there.

Legal troubles quite often accompany those seeking treatment, and a bit of jail time ought to be taken as a signal that a "successful" career as a drunk or a dope fiend is at an end.

Whether you agree or disagree with the nature and application of the drug laws has nothing to do with the trouble you can face as the result of criminal charges.

At Sober Champion, we have faith in the experience and integrity of the Law Offices of Jeffery Rubenstein. Whenever clients need help defending against a charge involving drugs or drinking, we refer them to the Rubenstein Team.

If you face such charges, a Sober Coach can help you deal with staying abstinent, but you really need a criminal lawyer to guide you through the complex system and get the best possible result.

For years, California has led the Nation in arrests for simple possession of a controlled substance. According to the California Department of Corrections, tens of thousands of the state's 175,000 prisoners are incarcerated for drug offenses. Today, most drug offenses in the State of California are felonies. Many get arrested again; many would benefit from a Sober Coach.

As a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney, Mr. Rubenstein is equipped with the experience of knowing what prosecutors will and will not do.

His staff are true professionals. We have had many dealings with them - and we have total confidence whenever we refer a client his way.

To contact Mr. Rubenstein directly, click here:

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