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Structured Intervention And The Sober Companion

Structured Intervention:
The Sober Companion

Typically, the intervention process begins with a phone call from a concerned individual (usually a loved one or business associate) who is concerned about an addict or alcoholic.

Whether its drugs, booze, gambling, self-injury or some other disorder, acknowledging the problem and calling out for help is the first step toward healing.

Through picking up the phone and asking for help, the concerned individual has done a great service for the substance abuser and has opened the door to the recovery process. Those who make such calls are taking an uncommonly bold step. The Sober Coach can be there to help during the early stages of the concerned individual's education.

It is quite rare that a concerned individual will know all the facts about a substance abuser's drug and alcohol history; most often, the classic alcoholic or addict will have learned the skills of secret-keeping and obfuscation.

For this reason, a Sober Companion can be an ideal resource.

At Sober Champion, we hire only persons who have been down this road (usually more than once), and who have a proven record of at least five years of continuous, high-quality recovery.

Interventionists continue to increase their reliance on the Sober Coach because of the clear benefits -- not only to the client, but also to the family and other concerned people associated with the client.

There may be times when the interventionist is not available to answer questions to concerned family members or other associates of the substance abuser. For this reason, we always advise that concerned individuals make preparation for the substance abuser to take advantage of the services of a Sober Coach or a Sober Companion after the intervention.

Those of us who have worked closely with interventionists have developed an innate synergy; one complements the other in almost every case.

We understand, as they do, that they addict being intervened upon will put up a valiant fight to keep killing himself or herself. Be prepared for anything, but start by becoming educated about the disease and its treatment prior to engaging with the addict.

If you are considering participating in an intervention, please do yourself a favor: read through our Resources page, do some research on the disease of addiction, and take an inventory of your own willingness to commit and participate fully in the process.

We will help in any way we can.

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