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Sober Companion - A Sober Brain

Recent scientific findings appear to indicate that there are certain neurological predispositions to addiction. Increasingly, genetics, brain-build, and environment are being proved to play roles in the course of an addict's behavior in recovery and in relapse.

How is a Sober Coach supposed to combat that? Especially with examples like this: increasing number of brain researchers have come to believe that human beings with less "gray matter" (those cells surrounding the business ends of the neurons in the brain) have organically less ability to practice impulse control. Combine these elements:

  • Decreased impulse control
  • Chronic substance abuse history
  • Environmental and biophysical stressors

And what do you think will happen with a substance abuser? Without the benefit of a strong program of recovery, including the presence of a Sober Coach or a Sober Companion, chances are strong that he will relapse - more than once. With decreased impulse control, the tendency in those persons who use drugs to relapse is dramatically increased.

What does all this mean in terms of maintaining abstinence? Quite simply, it goes to prove the point that the word "addiction" describes a wide variety of behaviors and attitudes, and that the idea that there is one ideal treatment for all addicts is hogwash. "Addiction" describes so many behaviors and attitudes that a professional Sober Companion finds himself using the word less and less.

At Sober Champion, our Sober Companions are concerned with one thing: helping our clients to stay away from alcohol and drugs right now. That's it. They do it really well, because they have the experience as users and the experience staying abstinent - for a minimum of 5 years.

Once a client has gained some stability and abstinence, he/she often will want to explore the nature of addiction more deeply, and will want to explore all the possible treatments of his/her disease. That's where the work of a professional Sober Coach becomes so crucial. We are there during the early, difficult phase of substance abuse recovery, and we are there to help guide the client through the next phases of education, therapeutic learning, self-discovery and growth. Don't worry about the labels; instead, worry about how to stay clean right now. You can apply all the labels you want later on.

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