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Your Sober Coach vs. Another Trip to Rehab

How long does it take? Every client is different.

Every addict carries individualized needs, goals and dreams.

Instead of the boilerplate approach usually offered in residential addiction treatment settings, we individualize each person's treatment program.

Many residential facilities claim to individualize each resident's care.

To their credit, some of them do the best job possible individualizing care for special clients.

Unfortunately – even at the highest levels of residential care – treatment is provided en masse.

Though sessions often happen one-on-one with an individual therapist, most treatment is delivered to a number of clients simultaneously.

Meals, process groups, 12-Step panels from the outside, trips to 12-Step groups on the outside, "sober fun", equine therapy, roommates…

It all happens in a group of very sick people. And each of these exerts multiple hours of undue influence on the others.

Clients who benefit most from Sober Coaching are those who have experienced multiple trips to rehab and who have not yet been able to maintain substantial recovery outside a facility.

These addicts and alcoholics rarely achieve desired results from one more trip to rehab.

The 12 Step rooms of recovery are filled with people who have attempted residential treatment 10, 20, 30 times – or more. It's not that residential treatment doesn't work...

Simply stated: not all addicts respond to treatment as desired. That's it. It took the founder of Sober Champion 6 attempts at residential treatment – and lots of trips to jailhouses – and the threat of eight years in prison – to finally become abstinent long enough to lose the desire to use and find a new way to live.

It doesn't have to be this way for you or your loved one. You have the opportunity to declare a bottom instead of hitting a new one.

Take this opportunity to honestly assess the value of another trip to rehab.

Are you sending off your addict because you're sick of their stories and rackets – or do you want a solution?

Is your addict willing to attempt treatment again because he knows it will get you off his back – or does he want to stop using, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live?

If residential addiction treatment has not proved effective, it is time to start thinking outside the detox box.

Contact Sober Champion to see if you are ready for us.

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