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R E S O U R C E S - find additional information about treatment and recovery here.

In addition to the services of a Sober Companion and/or a Sober Coach, you might want to explore additional information resources for substance abuse, its treatment, and recovery. This directory will lead you to some additional resources.

Find a 12-Step Meeting

Narcotics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous

Nicotine Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

State and Federal Resources

National Institute of Drug Abuse & Education
ubstance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent Underage Drinking
State of California Alcohol & Drug Programs
N. Y. State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services
lorida DCF - Substance Abuse Section

The following links are provided as a service by the
National Institute of Drug Abuse & Education.
Each page provides specific & fairly general information about the drug indicated.

Club Drugs





Prescription Meds




Domus Retreat Aftercare facility - Confidential trained staff take care of you 24/7 while you recover in an exclusive secluded home in Anaheim Hills, ca Drug Treatment Center and Drug Rehab Program directory provides listings of over 8,000 addiction treatment centers, alcohol rehabilitation programs, dual-diagnosis treatment centers, and centers for eating disorders and co-occurring disorder treatment. Offering free online drug and alcohol assessments and referrals to drug rehab centers, as well as information and resources for addiction and healthcare professionals.
Treatment CentersAlabama Treatment CentersAlcoholism Addiction ProgramsAlaska Alcoholism Addiction Programs
Drug Addiction Treatment RehabsArizona Drug Addiction Treatment RehabsAlcohol RehabsArkansas Alcohol Rehabs
Alcohol Treatment RehabsCalifornia Alcohol Treatment RehabsDrug Addiction Treatment RehabsColorado Drug Addiction Treatment Rehabs
Alcohol Addiction RehabConnecticut Alcohol Addiction RehabDrug Addiction ProgramDelaware Drug Addiction Program
Alcohol Rehab ProgramsDistrict of columbia Alcohol Rehab ProgramsTreatment CentersFlorida Treatment Centers
Alcohol Rehabilitation ProgramsGeorgia Alcohol Rehabilitation ProgramsTreatment CentersHawaii Treatment Centers
Alcohol Treatment RehabsIdaho Alcohol Treatment RehabsRehabilitation ProgramsIllinois Rehabilitation Programs
Addiction Treatment ProgramsIndiana Addiction Treatment ProgramsTreatment CentersIowa Treatment Centers
Treatment ProgramsKansas Treatment ProgramsDrug Addiction ProgramKentucky Drug Addiction Program
Alcohol RehabsLouisiana Alcohol RehabsAlcohol Rehabilitation ProgramsMaine Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs
Treatment CentersMaryland Treatment CentersAlcoholism Treatment CentersMassachusetts Alcoholism Treatment Centers
Drug and Alcohol Rehab ProgramsMichigan Drug and Alcohol Rehab ProgramsAlcohol Rehab ProgramsMinnesota Alcohol Rehab Programs
Alcohol Abuse CentersMississippi Alcohol Abuse CentersAddiction RehabsMissouri Addiction Rehabs
Drug Treatment CentersMontana Drug Treatment CentersAlcohol RehabsNebraska Alcohol Rehabs
Substance Abuse CentersNevada Substance Abuse CentersAlcohol Abuse CentersNew hampshire Alcohol Abuse Centers
Rehabilitation ProgramsNew jersey Rehabilitation ProgramsDrug RehabsNew mexico Drug Rehabs
Rehab CentersNew york Rehab CentersAlcoholism Addiction ProgramsNorth carolina Alcoholism Addiction Programs
Treatment ProgramsNorth dakota Treatment ProgramsRehabilitation ProgramsOhio Rehabilitation Programs
Drug Rehabilitation ProgramsOklahoma Drug Rehabilitation ProgramsSubstance Abuse CentersOregon Substance Abuse Centers
Alcohol Treatment RehabsPennsylvania Alcohol Treatment RehabsDrug and Alcohol Rehab ProgramsRhode island Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs
Alcohol Abuse CentersSouth carolina Alcohol Abuse CentersRehab ProgramsSouth dakota Rehab Programs
Alcohol Abuse CentersTennessee Alcohol Abuse CentersTreatment CentersTexas Treatment Centers
Drug Rehab ProgramsUtah Drug Rehab ProgramsDrug Addiction Treatment RehabsVermont Drug Addiction Treatment Rehabs
Treatment ProgramsVirginia Treatment ProgramsDrug Addiction ProgramWashington Drug Addiction Program
Rehab CentersWest virginia Rehab CentersAlcoholism Treatment ProgramsWisconsin Alcoholism Treatment Programs
Rehabilitation ProgramsWyoming Rehabilitation Programs
Drug Rehab Drug Rehab Centers: Addiction Treatment Programs


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