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Strong motivation can facilitate the treatment process. Sanctions or enticements in the family, employment setting, or criminal justice system can increase significantly both treatment entry and retention rates and the success of drug treatment interventions. A vast majority of professional treatment providers did not enter recovery "voluntarily". There seems to be this sad notion that the only "right way" to engage treatment is with some heartfelt desire for deep, systemic change - that if you come into recovery because of family drama or some medical or legal requirement, then you are behind the 8-ball and behind in the game.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and a Sober Coach can help you understand that.

Diabetics don't start taking insulin injection because they are driven by a deep desire for change; they do it because they'll die - or get really sick - if they don't seek treatment.

People with heart failure don't sign up for emergency open-heart surgery because they feel it will bring them closer to God; they do it because they are in crisis and control of their lives is removed from them for a while.

Kidney failure is the reasons folks end up on dialysis - not the desire to be of service to their communities.

Once those conditions are treated, the sick person has an opportunity to make sane, informed choices about the rest of his or her life.

Addiction and Alcoholism are exactly the same. These are treatable medical and psychological conditions...and there is a layer of guilt and shame because (at least at first) drinking and drugging "feel good".

Those layers of guilt and shame are hard to overcome. Often, the only way sufferers can gain an opportunity to make sane, informed choices about their lives is to have their lives put on hold for a while - often, this happens involuntarily.

A Sober Coach is the missing piece of the puzzle for many who have relapsed whether they entered treatment voluntarily or not.

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