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"Treatment needs to be readily available."


Because individuals who are addicted to drugs may be uncertain about entering treatment, taking advantage of opportunities when they are ready for treatment is crucial. Potential treatment applicants can be lost if treatment is not immediately available or is not readily accessible. It is a sad truth that, in the USA, we have emphasized the so-called "War On Drugs" instead of emphasizing a War On Addiction.

Because we have allocated countless of dollars and countless years toward penalizing addicts for being sick, we have chosen not to allocate resources toward treatment on demand.

Every Sober Coach employed by Sober Champion believes this: addiction is a disease and not a crime.

According to the NIDA, making treatment readily available will dramatically reduce a wide number of crimes and will dramatically increase the overall health of the American public. This information sheet is not the place to enter a political discussion about the "why's and wherefors" of this chronic misallocation of funds.

Suffice to say that treatment on demand remains a fantasy for most Americans.

If you have sufficient resources to enter residential detox or treatment, please do yourself a favor and allocate those resources.

If you want to protect that investment after you complete residential treatment, then your best move is to hire a Sober Companion or Sober Coach in order to carry the learning home with you. Keep ahead of the game by understanding that your allocation of resources now will save you countless dollars and countless years of struggle and heartbreak in the future.

Hire A Sober Coach.

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