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Our Staff often use the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a go-to resource to study addiction treatment.

- Addiction and Counseling
- Addiction and Infectious Diseases
- Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders
- Multiple Needs of Addicts and Alcoholics in Early Recovery
- Treatment Plan Specifics
- Adequate Treatment Period
- Drug Replacement Therapy
- Relapse During Treatment
- Long-Term Addiction Recovery
- Medical Detox
- No Single Treatment Works For All Addicts
- Treatment Must Be Readily Available
- Voluntary Addiction Treatment Is Not A Requirement For Success

"Possible drug use during treatment must be monitored continuously."
Lapses to drug use can occur during treatment. The objective monitoring of a patient's drug and alcohol use during treatment, such as through urinalysis or other tests, can help the patient withstand urges to use drugs. Such monitoring also can provide early evidence of drug use so that the individual's treatment plan can be adjusted.

Feedback to clients who test positive for drug use is an important element of monitoring, whether in a residential setting or in the context of a more intimate relationship such as with a Sober Coach.

Consequence always ensues; whether it is extrernally or internally generated, every client receives some sort of feedback from substance use during treatment. Our question is this: What is the appropriate response?

A slap on the hand, termination of treatment, removal of privilege(s), complete denial or codependence are, sad to say, fairly typical reactions. Rarely, however, are they responses.

If you visit a dietician to deal with poor eating choices, does the dietician kick you out of his office because you ate a cherry pie? Of course not. If we agree that addiction is a serious brain disorder, why would service termination or some arbitrary punishment be levied against a person who is suffering from a serious brain disorder?

It doesn't make any sense at all (everyone at Sober Champion agrees on this point), yet it happens all too often in residential addiction treatment. We think another, newer approach is indicated...

We ask that our clients partner with us. The Sober Companion is adept at fostering an environment of open interaction and honesty. This treatment modality is not about punishment; if a client relapses, we seek to open the client's mind to the reality of that experience. We want the client to internalize all the feelings around relapse, specifically around relapse drivers and the actual experience of drinking and drugging.

This is a reality check largely unavailable in any residential setting. Sober Coaching really works.

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