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Our Staff often use the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a go-to resource to study addiction treatment.

- Addiction and Counseling
- Addiction and Infectious Diseases
- Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders
- Multiple Needs of Addicts and Alcoholics in Early Recovery
- Treatment Plan Specifics
- Adequate Treatment Period
- Drug Replacement Therapy
- Relapse During Treatment
- Long-Term Addiction Recovery
- Medical Detox
- No Single Treatment Works For All Addicts
- Treatment Must Be Readily Available
- Voluntary Addiction Treatment Is Not A Requirement For Success

"Individuals with coexisting mental disorders should have both disorders treated in an integrated way."

Addictive disorders and mental disorders often occur in the same individual. Patients presenting for either condition should be assessed and treated for the co-occurrence of the other type of disorder…

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, many people find the lack of understanding and consideration regarding dual diagnosis not only surprising but disappointing.

We believe the line between "Addiction" and "Co-Occurring Disorder"" is rarely easy to define. In fact, the very idea that addiction is not an organic mental illness is a notion which must be dispelled - and quickly.

Here is a typical scenario:

A client enters treatment. While there, the staff deals with his addiction and his co-occuring condition (such as depression, bipolar, or other personality disorders). Once the client is released back to his family and his community of origin, the client is encouraged to participate in a 12-Step fellowship. But once he gets back home or to work or to the 12-Step rooms, he oftten finds a collection of amateur psychologists and overnight visionaries who tell him, "Don't take medication; all you need to do is work the Steps!"

It's no wonder so many people with co-occuring disorders find it difficult to maintain abstinence while treating both illnesses.

In such cases, what is needed is a vigiliant assessment and re-assessment of needs and appropriate combinations of medication, therapy, physical activity and, quite often, non-traditional treatment modalities.

A Sober Companion is an ideal resource for these clients. In whatever part of the world a client might be, now he can find himself with a full-time confidante and ally. Instead of "black-and-white" thinking about treating one or the other, we create an environment where holistic treatment is preferred and accessible.

If you have been subjected to the misunderstanding of family, friends and business associates, you can rely upon your Sober Coach to educate them in ways you cannot.

We deal not only with the addict , but with the addict's entire home/work environment. Addiction is a family disease, and all parts of the client's life have been affected. Therefore, all parts of the client's life require some form of treatment.

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