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Our Staff often use the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a go-to resource to study addiction treatment.

- Addiction and Counseling
- Addiction and Infectious Diseases
- Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders
- Multiple Needs of Addicts and Alcoholics in Early Recovery
- Treatment Plan Specifics
- Adequate Treatment Period
- Drug Replacement Therapy
- Relapse During Treatment
- Long-Term Addiction Recovery
- Medical Detox
- No Single Treatment Works For All Addicts
- Treatment Must Be Readily Available
- Voluntary Addiction Treatment Is Not A Requirement For Success

"A treatment plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to meet changing needs."
It is naive and irresponsible to assume that a treatment plan, once mapped out, ought never be changed. Just because a treatment center offers 30, 60, or 90 days of a particular course of therapy doesn't mean that course is right for every addict. We believe the same is true in the aftercare treatment plan.

Our Sober Companion staff evaluates our client's needs every day. Between comparing client notes, regular phone and in-person check-in sessions with Case management staff, and the intuitive capabilities that are required to do this work, a service provider from Sober Champion will perform the required assessments and re-assessments.

Each provider - whether a Sober Coach or a Sober Companion - works in concert with our home staff. This includes our Case Management team:

Our personnel rely upon one another's input in the field. One provider might find a peculiar or particularly difficult problem and - while simultaneously disclosing to the formal Case Management Team - will consult with his or her peers in the field.

We move adroitly through note & commentary into healing action with our clients. Sober Champion is breaking ground in using cloud computing to keep our team focused on your recovery.

For years, we have provided intense services worldwide and our small team of Sober Coaches and Sober Companions know one another and interact regularly.

Using this organic and structured team-based approach, each provider benefits from the cumulative decades of all our experience, strength and hope.

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