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Sober Companion
We stay with you 24/7, helping protect your investment in yourself.
Just like a full-time guardian angel...

Sober Coach
When you need some extra help, Sober Champion offers intense sessions designed to support your recovery and accomodate your lifestye...

Sober Escort
From home to treatment to home again, on planes, trains, automobiles, on vacation or on business...

Alternative Sentence
Stay out of jail!
We work with your defense attorney on your behalf...

Not Just Booze and Dope
Addiction reveals itself in all kinds of areas. From gambling to self-injury...

Read about us in the press and on line...

MSNBC Doug CaineMSNBC explored the use of Sober Coaching in the case of a celebrity who recently has experienced multiple relapses. To view the MSNBC article - including an in-depth discussion with Doug Caine of Sober Champion - please click here. On this page, you also can click to a Today Show interview regarding some basic elements of Sober Coaching.

MSNBC Doug CaineLindsay Lohan hired a Sober Coach and People Magazine called Sober Champion to hear from us about how a truly professional, service-oriented provider might be able to help her bridge that gap between residential treatment and a successful, sober life, free from the obsession to use drugs and drink alcohol. As usual, no one at Sober Champion ever would confirm or deny whether Lindsay Lohan is our client; the point of the story was only to explore how our non-traditional addiction treatment methods might benefit someone in Lindsay's position.


Fox News SoberChampionFox Business New explores the advantages of high level executives using a sophisticated, discrete Sober Coach. The Fox reporter Kate Rogers interviewed several of our more experienced coaches to deliver a story about the unique requirements and the exigencies of maintain sobriety in a pressure-driven, non-stop environment. Click here for the story...



abc news sober championIn this article, interviews Douglas Caine, the founder of Sober Champion, to learn more about the field. They also interview a former client and true success story, a young man who was in a world of trouble after having a drug-realted heart attack...


Charlotte Cripps of England's Independent takes a penetrating and multi-faceted look at sober coaching in the Unioted Kingdon. Attitudes toward addiction and recovery in the UK are quickly catching up to the USA. Ms. Cripps does an outstanding job of describing what it's like to complete a stint in rehab, try to be in recovery in Europe, and be seriously misunderstood by everyone around you.


new york times - sober championThis is an older New York Times article about sober coaches and sober companions. The reporter actually took a drive-along with a sober companion and spent considerable time following him and his client.


chicago tribune sober companion

The Today Show on NBC invited Doug Caine from Sober Champion to discuss specific services a Sober Coach might need to offer a special needs client (such as a high profile personality or a frequent relapser) who continues to use in spite of worsening consequences.

chicago tribune sober companion

A&E TV called on Sober Champion to help cast Season One of their show Relapse (a companion series for Intervention). Sober Champion personnel did the jobs to great critical acclaim. Click here to take a look at episode overviews and to meet the coaches.



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