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Family Drug Interventions With A Sober Coach

Family Drug Interventions With A Sober Coach

Family drug interventions help families stop enabling an addict's behavior, and family interventions bring the addict or alcoholic out of denial by showing ways in which loved ones have been hurt. A sober coach can help not only the member suffering from addiction or alcoholism, but can also serve the entire family by teaming with the caring professionals who already are involved in crafting a solution.

Many substance abusers, whether they use alcohol or drugs, believe that their use only affects them. However, when they are confronted with how they have hurt other people it helps them to see their addiction clearly. Often, a professional interventionist will work with a sober coach or a sober companion in order to help all those affected to understand that addiction and alcoholism affect the entire family unit.

The purpose of the family intervention is twofold:

  1. Help the addicted family member see that his or her actions have affected a large group of people, and help that family member to decide to seek treatment and find long-term recovery.
  2. Help the members of the family to understand the parts they have played in their own discomfort, and to provide tools for the affected family members to begin healing themselves and to help them participate in the healing process for their entire family.

In scenarios like these, the presence of a professional Sober Coach and/or Sober Companion can provide a steadying, anchoring influence. At Sober Champion, we do not restrict our sober companions or sober coaches from being contacted by individual family members. Our teams use only persons with at least five years of quality recovery.

These recovering alcoholics and recovering addicts possess a wealth of individual experience and knowledge information that is simply not readily available to any person seeking information in textbooks or online. We do not charge any extra money for family members' questions during a coaching or companionship assignment. Together, we will put together a plan for a better life.

Our job is to help you make the most of what you already know, while assisting you in maintaining abstinence.

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