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After An Intervention: The Family

After An Intervention:
The Family

Most intervention specialists have worked with Sober Coaches on numerous family drug interventions and understand the importance of keeping the family informed and taking the needs of each individual case into consideration - this can often include using a Sober Companion for intense follow-up immediately after the intervention.

Increasingly, professional interventionists are seeking the wisdom of a Sober Coach, and incorporating coaching or sober companionship in the family intervention dynamic. The interventionist's job usually is done once the addict or alcoholic enters treatment. From there, the treatment facility takes over responsibility for the care of the addict. During residential treatment, the Sober Coach can work with the family (individually or in a group setting) to help craft an exit plan from treatment. While most good quality treatment centers do offer an exit plan and aftercare, it is up to the family to research how they will respond to the return of their ailing member:

  • Will the family help or hinder the recovering person's progress?
  • Is the family committed to doing everything in its power to recover, and help the addict to recover, as well?
  • Families become toxic as a result of this disease, and families need to heal.

Most families realize they need time & space to recover from the effects of the addict's disease. These families make a wise investment in hiring a Sober Companion to look after the details of their stricken member's life while they go about getting on with their own.

The sober coach can be an incredible asset to the family afterward. The family must stay committed to the boundaries and consequences they have set for the addict. If the family is unable to stick to this commitment and gives in to the manipulation of the individual, chances for a successful family intervention are minimal. Your sober coach or sober companion is there - at any time - to help you maintain those healthy boundaries.

A family intervention that goes as planned will result in the individual agreeing to a specified course of drug abuse treatment (which may or may not include a medical detox, depending on the severity of the addiction) . Sober Champion is dedicated to the well being of each individual and we can participate in overseeing all aspects of recovery, including an appropriate aftercare plan.

If you have a member of your family that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, contact Sober Champion today and learn how you can help by initiating a family intervention. Recovery is possible!

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