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Assessment and the Sober Companion

Evaluation and Assessment

Not every sober coach is prepared to deal with every client, and none of our staff pretend to be able to treat all conditions.

For this reason, there are certain members of our staff who are assigned to clients based specifically on the client's need.

In the field of sober coaching, we have found that gambling, sexual compulsion, compulsive overeating/purging, and self-injury all require a coach with direct, hands-on experience with the condition.

When you or your client are assigned a sober companion from Sober Champion, rest assured that we will place you with the best care provider available. We do not believe in trying to serve every single client who calls us; if we do not have the appropriate staff to cover your needs, we will refer you to another provider who can.

Our reputation has been built on matching the right provider with the right client, not on sending just anyone out to "cover an assignment".

Our assessment usually begins with a telephone interview with the client and/or the client's family and/or current care provider. If the client is currently in residential treatment or detox, or if the client is in custody or concerned about a serious legal problem, we will assess needs in those areas as well. With your help, we determine the client's basic needs and then we assemble additional information:

  • Are there legal complications? If so, we often serve the courts through correspondence and appearance.
  • Are there existing medical conditions which must be attended to?
  • Is there a psychiatric profile and/or provider with whom we need to consult?
  • What crucial events are coming up in the client's life?
  • What is the client's history with previous attempts at recovery from addiction or alcoholism?
  • What are the client's goals, hopes and dreams?

Answers to these, along with other questions, allow us to determine whether we really can be of service, and whether additional information is needed.

As often as possible, a field rep will meet with the client prior to our assigning a coach. After all, there is nothing like face-to-face contact to really determine how we can best serve our clients.

Once we have determined that we have the best provider available for your needs, we will provide a sober companion for you as quickly as possible. Whether you need someone to drive across town or get on a plane, passport in hand, Sober Champion will provide you the highest quality, most experienced service providers in our field.

For these reasons and many more, residential treatment facilities often call on us to provide sober escorts and sober companions for their clients once they exit treatment.

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