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Whether the alcoholic or addict is going through an intervention, willingly chooses treatment of some sort, or simply wants to attend some meetings and find out what they're like, a Sober Coach can be the most valuable asset around.

  • You might be are a business associate seeking to understand and moderate the drinking or using behavior of a partner.
  • You might be a co-worker, a concerned family member or other loved one.
  • You might be producing a movie and the bonding company tells you an actor has become a liability.
  • There are as many reasons to learn more about addiction and its treatment as there are addicts and those who care about them.

There is one thing you all have in common: your lives are being adversely affected by the behavior of someone who is sick: an alcoholic or addict. Here is a list of words: we hear all the time in connection with substance abuse: "Intervention", "Treatment", "Sober Living", "Sober Coach", "Sober Companion", "Recovery Coach", "Sober Buddy", "Rehab", "Twelve Steps", "Inpatient", "Outpatient", "Recovery", "Hitting Bottom", "A Moment of Clarity", Working the Program".

It is important to remember what those words do not mean: a cure. The twin diseases of addiction and alcoholism are not curable, but they are treatable. We cannot make addiction go away, but it can be arrested at some some point, and recovery is then possible. Those who suffer now can have their suffering greatly eased by effective treatment.

A brief stay in a medical detoxification facility may be necessary. A long stay in a residential treatment program may also be necessary, and a longer stay in a sober living or other drug-free environment might be indicated.

Whatever the course of treatment, one must bear in mind the insidious nature of addiction. With the chronic use of some drugs (such as alcohol, heroin, some prescription medications and others) the user or drinker will end up having no choice but to go through a physically, emotionally, and spiritually painful process called "detox". Once this detox period is complete, true recovery can begin.

For those who can afford one, a Sober Coach or Sober Companion is an outstanding addition to any post-acute treatment program. The recovering person might not have developed a relationship in a 12-Step meeting, or the recovering person may have no interest at all in attending such meetings. In these cases, the steadying presence of an advocate for the individual can bring benefits beyond belief.

Alcoholism and addiction are diseases. Invariably, a person who suffers from them will get worse and not better. It is easy to pigeonhole a drug or alcohol user as "alcoholic" or "addict". Those in the field of treatment advise our potential clients that it is not always the case that every person who misuses or abuses drugs or alcohol is an addict, and the assistance available from a Sober Coach or Sober Companion can help define the problem, and help determine the most effective course of treatment.


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