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The 12 Steps have become ubiquitous not only in addiction recovery, but also in the national consciousness. In fact, Sober Companions and Sober Coaches often are asked to accompany their clients to these meetings.

A Sober Coach may have recovered from active addiction in such meetings. He might credit a 12-Step group for his continued abstinence. That's fine for the individual sober coach, but our clients are our priority - not our individual recovery trajectories.

Discovering and satisfying our clients' needs is our priority - not converting an unwilling client into a 12-Stepper.

At Sober Champion, our philosophy is based in client-centered treatment. We believe that individualized treatment, emphasizing one-on-one assistance, is the most effective way for any individual to determine what the problem really is, and to map a path out of the morass of alcohol and drug abuse.

In a focused, therapeutic relationship, a drug and/or alcohol abuser might discover that he or she will benefit most from 12-Step meetings. A Sober Companion might help the client discover that he or she needs deep healing body work. At Sober Champion, we feel healing massage and chiropractic ought to be required portions of any residential treatment program. Yoga has helped an incalculable number of addicts. Maybe hypnosis would help. Maybe a drastic diet change is indicated. Maybe a work environment change - or a re-orientation toward the existing work environment - is indicated. A Sober Companion is the hands-on caregiver who can help the recovering person find all these resources, and more.

In fact, a drug abuser might discover he or she is not an addict or an alcoholic at all.

If you want to attend 12 Step meetings, a Sober Coach will help you find the best ones out there, and we can introduce you to some of the finest folks there.

Our goal is not to convert anyone to any one way of thinking about use or abuse.

Our goal is not to pretend to analyze you or read your mind.

Our goal is not to judge your reason(s) for wanting to stay away from drugs or alcohol.

The Sober Companion or Sober Coach has one goal in mind: to help you stay away from drugs, one day at a time, no matter what. Period.


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