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Before you continue in your quest for employment through Sober Champion, there are a few things you should know about us...

This work is not "paid sponsorship", nor is it paid 12-Step service.

We offer our clients a discreet, individualized, professional companionship & treatment plan to help them gain freedom drugs, alcohol, and self-destructive behaviors (such as gambling or self-injury).

If you are a degreed therapist or counselor with a current certification, we may offer to include such services to our clients.

Sober Champion's minimum requirements are as follows:

  1. An active program of personal recovery from alcoholism, addiction, or other obsessive, compulsive, self-destructive behavior. If you are a member of a 12-Step fellowship, this includes an ongoing relationship with your sponsor;
  2. We prefer at least five years of complete abstinence from your addiction or self-destructive behavior (there are times when we may be willing to waive the time requirement - but please don't count on it);
  3. A current driver's license;
  4. A cell phone, an email address, hi-speed internet access;;
  5. A verifiable address in the USA and/or Europe (no P.O. Boxes);
  6. Some form of education and/or experience in the field of addiction treatment. This may include coursework from an accredited school, employment anywhere in the field of addiction treatment, and/or a couple of stints as a resident of a treatment center, sober living house, or some such similar institution);
  7. A blood test, urinalysis, and/or hair follicle examination for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol, performed by a credible, professional lab in your area (we will help you locate such a resource).
  8. An honest desire to join a team of non-traditional addiction treatment providers who work outside the old-school "Send 'Em To Rehab" attitude. Our clients have been to any number of rehabs and continue to relapse - we take the hard cases who need a different path.

If you're qualified for this work, assemble the following:

  • Your most recent resume. Please include as much work history as you like. Don't bother explaining gaps in employment - we get it - we had gaps, too.

  • A description of your drug/alcohol/other history, including what happened to make you seek help, and what your life is like now. 

  • Your understanding of the 8th and 12th Traditions of your 12-Step fellowship.

When you have these items assembled...
click here to submit them.

If you work for us as a Sober EscortCoach or Companion, you must draw a very strong line between service work in recovery and professional work in treatment.

We appreciate your interest and wish you the best!


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