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Sober Champion staff all have very strong opinions about state and federal drug laws and their sentencing guidelines. We also have very strong opinions about the so-called War on Drugs.

We assume you have strong opinions, as well.

But if you are reading this page, the time for opinion is over. If you need help to get out of jail or stay out of jail after a drug-related charge, we can help. From California to New York, Sober Champion Alternative Sentencing has become a valuable asset used by many criminal defense attorneys.

Defense attorneys in California regularly call on Sober Champion to perform client assessment & evaluation, along with placement in residential alcohol/drug treatment centers or sober living facilities.

We back up your attorney with everything he needs to free you (or keep you free):

  • letters to the court;
  • expert witness testimony;
  • court appearances as required;
  • transportation to from courthouse, jailhouse or your house to treatment.

With the right team in your corner, you can access a wide array of alternative sentencing choices:

Recent Case History
(recent case highlights appear below):

We received a call from the Law Offices of Jeffrey K. Rubenstien, a local defense attorney.

He was dealing with a female client with three no-bail warrants from three different felony cases. She had been in LA County Jail for thee months when we got the call.

The client already had been through Proposition 36 and was now charged with multiple violations of probation. Simply put: without our help, she was on her way to prison.

Within a matter of days, we had evaluated the client and her family members, located several residential treatment facilities for placement, and created an outstanding client history to allow the the judge and the DA to see things our way.

This client was released from jail, allowed to attend a treatment center in Pasadena, and has succeeded in staying drug-free and alcohol-free.

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