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Sober Coaches and Sober Companions fill crucial roles in your early recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

Forget what you might have read in the gossip columns and celebrity magazines.

A few "bad-boy" & "bad-girl" actors on display by publicists and paparazzi do not tell the true story of our field.

Sober coaches and sober companions from Sober Champion are discreet, responsbile, experienced treatment professionals with one goal in mind: helping our clients stay away from drugs and alcohol no matter what. Whether you require occasional sober coaching, a full-time or part-time sober companion, Sober Champion has the personnel and nationwide experience to meet your needs.



Sober Coach Sober Companion
  • We believe that innate health and the desire to heal exist in every client. A special responsibility of the Sober Coach and the Sober Companion is to help a client identify, to grow, and to honor those places.
  • A Sober Companion can maintain client supervision for periods ranging from two hours to a month or more.
  • Your Sober Coach can come to your home, your office, your studio or set.
  • We partner with your existing treatment professionals to increase your opportunities for success.
  • A Sober Coach will advocate on his/her client's behalf whenever, wherever, and however necessary.
  • A Sober Companion helps plan your movements: maximize exposure to healing & minimize risk exposure.
  • A Sober Coach or Sober Companion can accompany you to and from work, sober living house, residential treatment, doctor or attorney appointments, court dates, and any other place you need to go.
  • A Sober Coach will assist the client in crafting a plan to help the client identify relapse triggers, to avoid them when identified, and to prepare healthy responses to unavoidable triggers. A Sober Companion will help you implement that plan.


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