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Sober Living houses provided a semi-strucutred environment for people recovering from alcohol, drug, gambling, and eating disorders.

The variety of settings (and costs) allow for just about everyone who needs a semi-structed living arrangement to have one. In most sober living houses, a non-institutional, home-like atmosphere allows a person grappling with the demands of a newly-sober life to experience a sense of comfort, while providing enough freedom that you really can get your sober sea legs.

In almost every case, you really do get what you pay for in a sober living.

Some of these places are extemely inexpensive, ramshackle buildings offering not much more than a bed and a cup of coffee per day. These are the toughest of the bunch -- but when you are really down on your luck, such a place can be a godsend.

Many sober livings, however, provide an incredible array of services including a personal chef, private transportation, individualized counseling, and location, location, location!

If you are court-ordered to sober living and you have the resources to pick from the best, you should engage the services of Sober Champion to help you find the ideal situation for you.

Many of the better facilities combine unique offerings that would be hard to find in more ordinary rehabilitation treatment centers.

Such treatment offerings include: 90-day residential extended care; Transitional Work Programs; Outpatient Programs; Family Programs; Alternative Sentencing Program; Trauma Survivor Programs, and many more.

There are many fine homes with long histories of providing excellent care. Many of these places are known to the courts and probation system to be run by reliable and trustworthy people with outstanding reputations in their field.

Many sober living houses are designed to meet the needs of those suffering from both substance abuse and coexisting psychiatric disorders. The best of these offer a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled professional staff.

If you need help determining your best bet, just give us a call.

Right now, there are so many folks opening these places that we are concerned about putting too may outbound links on this page; we prefer to help our clients individually, with as much care and concern as they deserve. We do want to just hand out a list of 500 places and say, Good luck!"

There are a number of directories you can research right now. If you have the time and the inclination to pout through thousands of web pages of promotional materials (and hard sells and soft sells), then feel free to click on one of the links below. You'll see what we mean.

If you are ready to engage the services of true professionals to help you find the best place for you right now, then give us a call or send an email.

We will be happy to help!

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