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Sober Coach - Medical Benefits

Your Sober Coach is not a doctor. Nor are we nurses, except in specifically designated cases.

And though we are not in the practice of diagnosing medical illness ("Yes, we have no prescription pads"), everyone working for Sober Champion is in recovery from active addiction.

Every Sober Coach or Sober Companion has experienced the same set of acute, sub-acute, and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

We all know "what it's like". Each one of us has his own withdrawal experience and his own language to describe it.

At Sober Champion, we find what works best is using specific language and skills training to communicate your symptoms and your needs to your health care provider(s).

Our communication is with trained medical professionals, and with other providers and their support teams.

We must be able to describe – without emotion and without relying exclusively on our own, personal experience in withdrawal – exactly what is happening with our clients.

To this end, we use assessment tools and medical jargon to describe effectively, efficiently, and quickly our clients' needs.

Doctors and nurses treating addicts in early recovery must have the most complete set of information available. This enhances your medical team's ability to evaluate your true symptoms and the most effective ways of addressing them.

Your comfort is our concern. We know it's rare that an addict can arrest the disease's progress through recalling even a particularly violent withdrawal.

Many of us endured cold turkey withdrawal from opiates (e.g., heroin and prescription painkillers), Benzodiapenes (Valium, Xanax, etc.), and alcohol (in all its containers and colors).

Anecdotal evidence teaches us that a cold turkey, violent withdrawal does not increase the chance of achieving long-term abstinence.

One example of our tools is the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale. If you are in withdrawal from opiates, your Sober Coach is trained to use COW Scale. This tool provides a timeline with a series of symptoms and a rating scale to describe each.

Though COWS often is used during Bupenorphine induction, it assists in prescription of non-replacement drug therapy just as well. Instead of non-medical, often contradictory language describing opiate withdrawal symptoms, a Sober Coach can supply health care professionals with clearly defined and quantifiable assessments of your progress.

When selecting a Sober Coach, remember this: such tools are not used by all providers.

Sober Champion staff is more than willing to go the extra mile to ease the emotional, spiritual, and physical pain of very early recovery.

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